Covid 19 update (coronavirus)

South Australia has been hit with the virus originating in Wuhan, China. This virus is a great concern for all Australians as it causes significant illness and even death in some people, with the elderly being very vunerable. To assist with patient care the Australian Commonwealth government has initiated a scheme where consultations can be performed via videolink or telephone. This is a bulk billed service and requires an up to date referral.

Items apply to patients considered ‘at risk’

  • Diagnosed with COVID-19, but not an  inpatient or
  • Quarantining in accordance to home isolation guidelines.

Items also apply to the following patients considered more suspectable to the virus:

  • People over 70
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait  Islander people over 50
  • People with chronic health conditions or who are immunosuppressed
  • Parents with a child under 12 months and people who are pregnant.

Dr James Aspinall has now instigated this practice during this difficult time for all eligible patients.